Michael Teets

Innovative, Strategic IT Business Leader


Data Science

Extracting, managing and gaining insights from structured and unstructured data at web scale. Ability to build Enterprise Architecture practice with strong focus on data architecture, graphs and entity relationships.

Global Strategic Planning

Deep understanding of complex international business and multi-national organizational constructs while developing short and long term actionable plans for execution.

Search Engine Optimization

Industry leading expertise in organic relevancy in search engines with special interest in emerging knowledge graph models.

Cloud, SaaS and PaaS Business

Decades of cloud based, multi-tenant web scale application architecture in a high volume consumer site supported by complex backend professional users.

Data Center Converged Architecture

Financial, architectural and program planning for implementation of virtualized converged architecture. Adoption of integrated compute, network and storage as a model to replace legacy, diverse high support data centers.

Agile Business

Early adopter and career supporter of agile methodologies and the relationship to agile business.with large scale projects leading to production deployments using DSDM, SAFe, and XP.


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